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6 reasons 2013 was the year \'revolution\' lost all meaning

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
\"Revolution\" is one of the words we use to preserve, mainly to talk about the achievements of people wearing wigs. Not today.
We have, we even have.
Do you know?
These are not the stupidest things to be declared a \"revolution\" in 2013.
Is it possible for us to get those white wigs back?
Russell Brand condemned it all as having started with a British magazine called on Russell Brand to edit an article about the revolution.
If it looks strange for a century
The old political magazine will give a stand.
On the whole issue of the comedian, keep in mind that the new politician only sees about 3 issues.
8 million times a year.
Russell Brand won. Everybody won.
Russell Brand is starting to get into the magazine journalism industry, and the new politician has made some extra sweet Coke --
Internet dollars are dirty.
Without an interview brand working with Jeremy Parkman, no one outside England would care.
If you want Russell Brand to explain why voting is useless and the wealth gap exists, listen.
Or you can watch the episode and hear the same basic arguments.
So a comedian sneers at the shortcomings of the rich and democratic system.
Although this sentence is a summary of the position of about 98%.
In the daily life of history, the Internet regards Russell Brand\'s little rant as straight-forward --
\"Call for revolution.
\"These are not my words ---that\'s how .
At the same time, Gawker branded the new Lenin at the time and there: Huffington Post even thought the polite interview between the two wells
Well-dressed rich people may start a revolution like Russia.
Strangely, in that interview, the brand would claim he called for \"change\" if he called for revolution \".
\"I will turn the last line into a joke about brand health --
I know, but I don\'t.
It\'s cool to be nice to the Tramp, this whole stupid media circus is not even Russell Brand\'s fault.
It all comes down to the fact that the damn journalists see the word \"revolution\" as a cheat code for traffic.
Russell Brand said the revolution could happen one day, maybe \"it doesn\'t look like it in your Facebook feed: plastic Gun3D printing is one of those rare technological developments, it may actually be worth the word \"revolution. \" Someday.
Now, it\'s not like a replicator, it\'s more like a toy for the rich.
But if you follow this news this year, you will know that 3D printers are not just being manufactured and manufactured.
They are also printing.
Distributed defense (
A bunch of nerds with $8,000 3D printers)
Successfully tested the world\'s first plastic gun.
The Daily Mail reporter announced this.
The plastic gun is a \"revolution \".
\"This is one of the stories that sounds very important when you go through the details.
Imagine the chaos caused by some madmen sneaking through airport security or into court.
Of course, there is only one small Liberator.
380 bullets at a time, but this is at least enough to kill people.
Most, because it is necessary to reload the Liberator
This terrible \"full plastic\" structure makes it easy to explode in the hands of the operator. But hey!
People who make their own deadly guns without the knowledge of the government must be eligible to become \"revolutionary \".
\"This kind of thing was not possible until then. . .
Wait, what is that? Home-
Guns are legal under federal law? Well s**t.
But definitely at home.
It is only in our modern 3D era that it is possible to make guns
I stood right, I passed.
On August, famous billionaire CEO/Bond villain Elon Musk announced plans to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco via a solar Supertrain.
It is speculated that the super high-speed rail runs twice as fast as a jet, but somehow it costs a tenth of a boring train.
Homeless people across California are cheering, and journalists around the world are willing to face it: even, usually, British journalism corresponds to the \"hamster\" of the Daily Mail.
So why is this future a revolutionary development?
Elon Musk is not just a bird.
His Tesla sports car is the best thing humans have ever driven. And a one-
An hour\'s commute to San Francisco will allow millions of Los Angeles people to satisfy their thirst for sour dough bread without having to shit on the California highway.
Sounds great.
Too bad it will never happen.
The Hyperloop needs a fully straight elevated track built on a huge tower that costs about as much as Musk predicted.
He also ignored some minor problems.
Only in the absence of an earthquake, a terrorist attack or a computer failure to stop a passenger compartment will the whole \"safer than flying\" thing continue.
You see, Hyperloop has only one track and pods will leave as often as possible.
But the biggest sign comes from its own inventor compared to the chance that Hyperloop exists.
Because Tesla, SpaceX and (probable)
Supervillainy won\'t leave too much time for the reboot of my favorite episode.
According to data from tea party millionaire MarchBack in May, 29% of Americans think the armed revolution may be necessary in the next few years.
When you reduce that number to only Republicans, it goes up to 44%.
Of course, we\'re not full yet.
On the guillotine or tea
But obviously, some people think that Democrats in the United States are direct. up fascism.
The league studied the numbers and then the Occupy Wall Street and came up with a non-
The violent revolution against Obama could really heat up.
The famous madman Larry Clement called on millions of Patriots to gather in front of the White House in November 19 to ask the president to resign.
Because, while Mr. Obama is a complete tyrant, he is clearly the kind of tyrant who gives in to the demands of an unarmed group of dissidents.
They only showed up, but they vowed to camp in front of the White House until the work was done.
Then they quit because the rogue battery will not be there forever and there is clearly no cookie keg on the Capitol lawn. Yes, the right-
The wings of \"Occupy\" are less than the follow-up reports of the Zaro world edition
A group of unemployed hippies.
The cannabis revolution is a great year for marijuana smoking around the world.
We are brewing a cannabis revolution in the UK: Uruguay legalized marijuana, which marks the first time the United States has given a chain --
Smoke near Uruguay. Even weed-
People who hate Forbes call the wave of legalization in Washington and Colorado
But people call the victory of a handful of areas of marijuana a \"revolution\" and forget the national arrest rate for marijuana legalized in two states.
The state of Texas has definitely decided to fill the gap.
Remember when Portland, Maine legalized marijuana?
This has not changed state law in Maine, nor has it changed police attitudes towards marijuana.
The thing that we are closest to the \"cannabis revolution\" this year is not something that smokers will welcome.
Look, this is a device that can smell weeds, even the champas you hate the most is useless.
Miley Cyrus Revolution 3 is the best or worst year in Miley\'s PR history.
Which term you use depends on whether you think twerking is a very successful attention draw or a horrible slide into madness.
Miley Cyrus is a damn revolution anyway.
She started a revolution.
Everyone is talking about the girl because everyone is talking about her and the word \"revolution\" is what we decide to mean \"we are suddenly very interested in it \".
\"She can\'t just be another celebrity who has changed her image, because in that case, we all become superficial because we are obsessed with her.
MTV took twerking as her and announced Miley as the revolution.
Because a pop singer in his teens is revolutionary, not anything.
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