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Base material classification of CNC Machining Prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2014-08- 05 08: 31

Introduction to the features of CNC machining:

The appearance design of the product, the rationality of the detection structure and function, and the reference object of the mold design, it can completely avoid the risk of mold repair and mold modification, lead the market with CNC Machining Prototype Model, shorten the development cycle, speed faster, and better reflect the design idea in appearance and structure. The model surface treatment form is eclectic: polishing, sandblasting, painting, silk screen printing, special surface processing, color and transparent treatment of organic glass, electroplating anode treatment, etc. Its effect can be compared with the products produced, and it is the first choice for making exhibitors.

classification of substrate for CNC machining prototypes:

1, ABS ( Domestic, imported, transparent, black, ultra-high temperature resistance, etc);

2, 475 rubber sheets, wood, plastic King, etc.

3, POM (Saigang)(Acrylic) PC, PP, PA, BT, PVC, etc.

4, aluminum, copper, etc.

What are the material requirements for CNC machining prototypes

1 the prototype of conventional products usually uses ABS materials first, the prototype of this material is easy to process, and the prototype post-processing is also more beautiful.

2. Optional materials for high temperature resistant product prototypes (1)Epoxy resin; (2)Electric wood; (3)Black PC; (4)PA, nylon; In addition to the black PC can be bonded, the other three can not be bonded and need to be processed as a whole.

3, POM or PA are optional for wear resistance product prototypes. Neither of these two material prototypes can be bonded to require overall processing.

4, high toughness product prototype, with PA or PP optional. Neither of these two material prototypes can be bonded to require overall processing.

5, the transparent product prototype can be selected with materials such as MMA, transparent ABS, transparent PC, etc. The prototype made of these materials is polished with extremely high transparency and achieves the same effect as the real product.

6. Surface treatment of product prototype is generally divided into surface effects such as fuel injection, electroplating, Frosted, silk screen printing and pad printing. The prototype fuel injection is divided into smooth surface, dumb surface, sand surface, transparent color, translucent color, fluorescent color, rubber oil and other effects.

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