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Darragh McCullough: \'Newsflash farmers - vegetarian, vegan and \'flexitarian\' diets are here to stay\'

by:Tuowei     2019-08-17
News of meat-
The free Huabao trial this month in the United States is only further proof that vegetarian, vegetarian and flexible diets will stay here.
Irish farmers don\'t think meat businesses will be bigger than Larry Goodman\'s headquarters base, but the company\'s 10,000 employees are dwarfed by the 122,000 employees at Tyson Foods.
They all have something in common except meat, which is their millions of investments in meat --Alternative Games.
In this new world, it\'s time for the farming community to learn about vegetarianism.
Here are some suggestions: farmers need to stop claiming that we all go hungry if we have to rely on vegetarian food to feed the world.
Ignoring the real point of view is a lame attempt.
Again, claiming that you can\'t get enough nutrition from vegetarian diets, ignores the fact that in places like India, a large part of the world\'s population is actually living on vegetarian diets.
What annoys me most is that if the world becomes a vegetarian, this is the case with the plight of all farm animals.
Again, that\'s nonsense, because the only reason 25 billion cows, sheep, goats, chickens and other livestock are present at the moment is because they have a market.
If farmers are not worth it when putting animals into calves or producing eggs, the number of animals will drop.
The world will never turn to vegetarian food overnight, so the panic about unwanted animals wandering around the world highway is just some meat --
nightmare for diners.
The idea that the chewing animal is the only way to turn grass into something useful to humans is also false to me.
Grass can change from cattle and sheep to anaerobic bacteria.
In fact, at the current price of beef, it may be more profitable for Irish farmers.
I see that the European Parliament has proposed banning companies from using terms such as hamburgers, sausages and steaks for anything that is not an animal.
Prior to this, cattle-raising lobby groups on the other side of the Atlantic took similar actions.
The theory is that the dairy industry is losing sales of all dairy alternatives such as soy, almond and oat milk because it is not moving fast enough to prevent other businesses from using the word milk.
But you can see that when coconut milk is always called milk, it starts to slide.
Do we need to re-label the pie as it may buy a little bit of time and marketers will bypass any rules and end up with consumers choosing what they want, no matter what it\'s called.
I remember the fear on the face of some of my colleagues in another agricultural publication when I revealed that the sofa was a regular part of my weekly diet.
I bet the same person in the same office today eats less meat than 10 years ago.
We are all advised to eat less meat if we want to live longer.
Therefore, the general population is gradually shifting to a flexible diet characterized by meat, but less as a staple food.
Anyone who ignores the huge problems faced by animal husbandry should not engage in animal husbandry.
The synergy of climate change, animal welfare and health concerns about high meat consumption is unstoppable.
This is not to say that we cannot find a better way to produce meat and animal products.
But it is not difficult to suggest that animal husbandry may go the same way as slave trade in the next century.
Vote at the recent Oxford agriculture conference
fortress of a business-minded agronomist
It shows that only 20 PCs believe things will continue.
Nearly 40 people see the future as a vegetarian.
There is no doubt that this view is affected by the growing meat --
Free alternatives being developed around the world.
Whether it\'s chicken feathers made of soypotato-
Coconut combo, meat in Pieter\'s dishes, bed bugs
Burgers, 3D printers, algae
Derivatives or something, you can be sure that there is now a vegetarian option in a store near you.
At this point, vegetarian lifestyles are Western things, and even if people become more picky about the animal products they consume, there is still a big market for premium animal products.
Before you consider the fact that developing economies in Asia and Africa are just beginning to find that they can afford the fun of animal protein.
In the coming decades, they will become bankers in the global livestock industry.
The challenge is how to move towards the future.
Proving that our business is immune to the challenges that will be posed by veganism, for me, this is for the high-end industry.
In this regard, livestock farmers in Ireland are better than most.
But we must also admit that vegetarians and livestock farmers will be a bit like Protestant and Catholic.
They will always fundamentally disagree with what is in their hearts.
This is probably the recipe for everyone.
As we know, the war is over.
But we also know that we can accept each other\'s differences and continue to get along with each other in any case.
This is a choice that we need to make as soon as possible.
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