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Dongguan prototype model Company-The appearance treatment effect is better than that of peers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-04- 13 08:01

In the process of developing a new product, the general enterprise will make a prototype model to see the effect after the product drawing design is completed, testing whether the design of the product is reasonable. Last month, a customer from Dongguan, Li Gong, consulted the extension model when looking for the Dongguan prototype model company online.

In the process of communicating with Li Gong, I learned that they have also done it in other Dongguan prototype model companies before, but the appearance of the prototype model produced is not very good, easy to paint, and the boss is not satisfied, therefore, we need to find a manufacturer to re-process.

If you are looking for Dongguan prototype model company, you may wish to choose the extension model with 17 years of prototype processing experience, the introduction of fuel injection technology in the United States, the technical director of the United States personally guided, the appearance of the treatment effect is better than the peers.

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