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Hardware prototype-24-hour processing can be shipped in three days quickly

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-02- 23 15: 27

Hello everyone, many old customers have been looking for the extension model since the start of this year. Help to make hardware prototypes, such as car parts, car hub prototypes, electronic cigarette prototypes, metal boxes, and so on. These old customers are also very recognized for the extension model. Do not hesitate to place an order again.

maybe some new customers find the extension dimension model and quote after sending the 3D drawings. For hardware prototype production, there are some concerns about the price. Many of them do not choose to cooperate. I also missed an opportunity, but the prototype made by the small factory was too rough to be used. Considering the choice of regular manufacturers to cooperate, it is not only a waste of cost but also a loss.

The hardware prototype production of tuowei has 17 years of experience. The company has ISO9001 quality system certification, and hundreds of people's product processing teams can ship goods within three days after 24 hours of processing. Many exhibitors will also give priority to this factor and choose the extension model. Each prototype will be produced using a three-dimensional device for testing and then packaged and sent out.

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