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How is the prototype model quoted?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2017-09- 06 14: 54

Xiao Liu, the prototype model, has also written articles about it before. See the basic common sense of the prototype model- Extension model, you can search for HA ~ Liu is not much said here. Today, Xiao Liu wants to say that it is generally a prototype model manufacturer. How do they quote?

In fact, this problem has always plagued Xiao Liu. Although Xiao Liu has asked many people, there is no fixed format, so Xiao Liu can only tell you about it today ~~

under normal circumstances, if the prototype world wants to quote, drawings are required to quote: no matter what you say about your product clearly, you need drawings to evaluate it. Otherwise, it's like you told me to buy a car, but you didn't tell me whether it was Volkswagen or Mercedes.

However, the production methods of various prototypes are different, and the quotation methods are different.

3D printing: The General 3D printing is quoted by grams, of course, the possible price of each company is different. . . . . . .

CNC machining: CNC machining should be more complicated, to consider the materials used, the complexity of the workpiece, the size, the time of processing, labor costs, surface treatment, courier fees and the profits that each enterprise wants to earn. These are unpredictable. Of course, Xiao Liu can only say something ~

vacuum film: if the vacuum film is made in small batches, the price is relatively cheaper than the CNC machining prototype, but the vacuum film is made with no CNC machining of the prototype, and it is easy to have deviation in size.

In general, in fact, the prototype factory quotation you said that there may be a calculation formula, but there are many factors to consider, so the price will also be biased, we do not dare to say that the price of the report is low, but it will not be high! Can only be said to be on the middle!

in order to save time for customers, so that we can better serve you, please prepare and send us your information with friends who contact Tuowei, so that we can provide you with a quick and accurate quotation. Generally, the following should be provided:

1 GS /. STP /. PRT /. STL /. X- T 3D drawing files in any of the formats (Quotation cannot be provided without 3D drawing files)For quick and accurate quotation.

2 your contact information ( Including your name, contact number, company name). After receiving the customer's inquiry, in principle, provide the customer with a formal detailed quotation within half to 3 hours.

Tuowei customers are all over the north and south of Dajiang. There has always been only one belief in us: Doing things seriously and being steadfast. Regardless of the size of the order, regardless of the customer. As long as the customer needs, as long as the customer chooses to expand, we will do our best to overcome any difficulties! This is our commitment and what we have been doing! !

At the same time, as the recent research of Tuowei shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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