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How to improve the quality of Chongqing prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-06- 18 09: 35

prototypes are commonly used in the research and development of new products in enterprises, and play a very important role in manufacturing enterprises. Generally speaking, Chongqing prototype model factory will receive prototype processing orders from many customers, and manufacturers need to increase the output of prototypes according to customer order requirements. Here are the three axes for common prototype manufacturers to improve product quality.

1: it is important that the material selection is correct during prototype processing. For example, some materials are not suitable for connection, and some materials are not suitable for disassembly. The better the quality of the material has a great impact on the quality of the prototype. 2: A better Chongqing prototype model factory will promote customers to use more appropriate processing methods to process prototypes when making prototypes, without independently selecting processing methods, and the prototype master will follow up the whole process, the corresponding management and control of each process can better grasp the quality of the product. 3: the prototype model needs surface treatment after the prototype comes out. The professional prototype Master plus the perfect post-processing technology should be controlled in detail, and the prototype produced has high accuracy and exquisite appearance.

The above introduction is a three-board axe to improve the quality of the prototype, chongqing prototype factory can not stop here, but should also start from other ways to improve the quality of the problem. The model has been working on prototypes for 17 years, which is a good choice for you.

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