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japanese man becomes first person to be jailed for making gun with 3d printer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
A Japanese man became the first to be jailed for designing and printing a 3D gun.
Imura yoshitim, 28, downloaded and printed five plastic guns, two of which could launch real bullets.
He was arrested at his home in Kawasaki and sentenced to two on Friday.
The Yokohama District Court in Japan has been sentenced to one year for the manufacture of deadly guns, and Japan has extremely strict gun laws.
A former employee of Shonan Technology is considered the first person to serve a sentence for printing a 3D gun, which is increasingly being watched by police around the world.
Past Technology brands and products: in the picture \"3D printing gun\" discovered by the police 3D printer, the introduction of alien DNA into the classroom can \"reproduce\" the world on Earth (
Or at least fix the train)
Low researcher development
According to Japan News, the cost metal 3D printer also released 3D design data for his gun on YouTube, ruling Judge Koji Inaba to call it \"vicious \".
He added that he \"showed off his skills and knowledge and tried to make gun control toothless.
In a video released last year, Imura assembled. 38-
A caliber pistol made of plastic 3D prints, several metal needles, screws and rubber bands and then tested with blanks.
\"Freedom of arms for all! !
He wrote in the video description.
\"Guns make power equal! !
\"It is thought that Imura bought a 3D printer for about $636. 09 online.
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