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Jiangmen prototype factory, processing process up to 2000

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-08- 21 17: 04

CNC large-scale prototyping is a traditional way of cutting off the excess material in the whole material by means of place. When customers in the prototype industry are making large prototypes, they all use CNC machining to make prototypes, because the printing range and material cost of 3d printing are limited, generally not suitable for processing large prototype. There are many prototype factories in Jiangmen, so what kind of prototype factory has a relatively large processing schedule?

when CNC machining is carried out, if the processing stroke of the equipment is not long enough, it needs to be performed several times, and then spliced back, which will have a great impact on the strength of the prototype, and the bearing capacity is far less than that of the whole processing. Jiangmen prototype factory-- The extension model takes this into account, so it introduces a CNC machining center with a processing distance of 2000mm, which can process a larger prototype.

The Management of Jiangmen prototype factory is strict, strictly guarantee the customer's confidential information and product quality. After 17 years of continuous development, the company has designed many, programmed many, experienced prototype technicians and professional and precise model making equipment, with a processing stroke of 2000, it is a reliable prototype factory.

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