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Jiangsu prototype factory, your close supplier

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-11- 07 20: 45

Miss Cai, Jiangsu, searched Baidu'Jiangsu prototype factory' Find the extension model and ask if the extension model can be customized for aluminum alloy prototypes. Can you first proofing to see how the quality of the prototype is made? If the accuracy can achieve her satisfactory results, then it will be processed in small batches.

Miss Cai sent the drawings to the extension model, ask if the extension model can reach 0. 05mm accuracy. Through the customer service Xiao Liu and Miss Cai communication, Miss Cai has been working as a prototype in a Jiangsu prototype factory before, and the price is not expensive, and it is more convenient to communicate. But why did you suddenly want to change suppliers?

originally, the Jiangsu prototype factory that used to prototype Miss Cai is now in a bad business and has taken some technical backbone. The quality of the prototype now is not so high, and it often needs to be reworked to affect the construction period of new product development. Finding the extension model on the internet is to find a prototype supplier with high accuracy and punctual delivery. The relevant customer service told her that the extension model was processed by a five-axis machine, not to mention 0. The accuracy of 05mm is processing 0. The tolerance of 01mm is not a problem. After listening to Miss Cai, she still didn't believe it. Until the relevant customer service sent her the relevant video, she believed that the tuowei model had this strength and signed a contract.

If you need to find a powerful Jiangsu prototype factory, we might as well look at the extension model with a processing accuracy of 0. 01mm, is the intimate prototype supplier around you.

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