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Longhua prototype factory-Suppliers that customers do not forget to change factories

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-12- 30: 54

Puzhen Life Co. Ltd has a beautiful woman who has worked with Chen Gong in another company before, through the prototype products provided by Chen Gong and the enthusiastic service and fast delivery time, she was deeply impressed, just as her current company also needs to make prototypes. Although she has many prototype suppliers, she is really impressed by Longhua prototype factory, the reason is that the prototype made by the extension model has a very beautiful appearance and high-precision size requirements; However, they have very strict requirements on the appearance and accuracy of the products, and few manufacturers in China can do their requirements.

The customer saw the prototype at a product seminar, they also had the original type of demand and asked the design company to learn. Later, the customer sent an email to Chen Gong, and they also compared it with other companies. They still chose the extension model, and Chen Gong invited their relevant leaders to visit the extension model company, chen Gong took them to visit the warehouse of Longhua prototype factory, workshop, office, fuel spray room, printing room, etc. , all of which can leave a good impression and add a lot to the extension model.

although the customer has changed a new factory, however, when making the prototype, I still thought of the extension model. It is probably because other Longhua prototype factories are difficult to meet her requirements, and after the customer sends the drawing quotation, the transaction is not negotiated, it is enough to show her recognition of the extension model.

Chen Gong is also very pleased with his sincere service to every customer, it brings more than a simple business, but more customers who trust the extension model. If you are looking for a reliable Longhua prototype factory, look at the extension model.

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