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Nanjing prototype factory-Watch Factory through video

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-06- 11 10: 11

we all know that every customer is very cautious in this period when he can buy and sell without going out, every customer wants to find a prototype manufacturer nearby, because they can see the factory in time, how can some people in other provinces help them clear this scruples and worries? Let's go down to know the prototype factory in Nanjing.

There was a customer search on Baidu's mobile phone last week'Nanjing prototype factory' I came to the customer service page of tuowei model and took the inquiry and left a contact information. After that, tuowei's salesman contacted the customer, in the communication, the customer service will take pictures of the enterprise information and the manufacturer's equipment and its testing instruments to the customer. After the customer knew about the competitive power of the extension model, the salesman invited him to visit the factory, but he did not agree, but it can be understood, because usually people really can't trust a new thing, not to be considered a new generation of dealers. But the salesman remembered an interesting way.

The Salesman initiated a WeChat video with the customer, take this customer to a Nanjing prototype factory, from conference room to program writing, to CNC, to manual, to silk screen room, to QC room in quality inspection area, to three-dimensional inspection room. The customer was very moved and maintained excellent relations and effective communication to achieve a win-win situation.

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