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Nanshan prototype factory-The machining accuracy is ± 0. 02-0. 05mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-01- 24 11: 33

at the time of last year, a customer from Shenzhen Nanshan contacted the extension model through an online search for Nanshan prototype factory, there is a newly developed product, which needs to be a prototype to see the effect, mainly to check whether the design of the product is reasonable and has requirements for accuracy. He was received by online customer service Xiao zhu. After Xiao Zhu wanted to contact him, he transferred it to Miss Mo, the business.

learned after some understanding with the customer, they have also done it in other Nanshan prototype factories before, but the processed prototype accuracy does not meet the required ±0. 05mm, will affect the verification results of the product, so it needs to be processed again. Miss Mo told him that the extension model was processed by a five-axis machine, which could reach 0 in terms of accuracy. 05mm or even higher, so it is not difficult to process. In order to dispel the customer's doubts, Miss Mo also sent some pictures of five-axis machining to the customer.

soon, the customer sent the drawings to Miss Mo, after the project manager of Nanshan prototype factory and the US technical director have also provided the customer with a detailed processing plan, the accuracy can meet the requirements, and the extension model is processed by a five-axis machine, accuracy can reach ±0. 02-0. Within 05mm. few days later, the customer received the prototype sent by the extension model. After some tests, he found that the accuracy did meet his requirements and gave the extension model a high praise.

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