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nasa announces winners of challenge to design 3d-printed mars shelters

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
The cost of 3D printing has long kept the technology in the hands of a few people, but with the development of 3D printing, it\'s all changingfledged trend.
In June, Staples will start retail consumer 3D printer Cube 3D printer for $1,299-
Not cheap, but not accessible to dedicated technicians.
Supporters hope that as costs fall, more sophisticated printers that allow digital DIY manufacturing will reach the public.
While copyright and quality issues remain a concern, 3D printing has been successful in some very strange ways.
Continue to read the seven strange objects created by the 3D printer.
Protesters in the Virginia Beach shooting incident interrupted Harris 1.
working gunIt looks more like a toy than a lethal weapon, but the world\'s first 3D-
Gun control advocates and professionals print guns
Gun rights enthusiasts are concerned and excited.
Last year, Cody Wilson, a radical liberal/anarchy at the University of Texas Law School, announced plans to print guns and set up a non-profit organization called defense to make weapons and distribute programs.
In the early days, Wilson and his team fulfilled their dreams and successfully tested the \"liberator\" at the Texas shooting range \".
In addition to the shot needle made of metal nails, this gun is made of plastic pieces printed on the $8,000 Stratasys Dimension SST 3D printer.
The gun shot successfully.
The 380 caliber bullet, but it exploded when its creator tried to modify it to shoot the larger 5.
7x28 rifle bullets. 2. make-it-
You\'re the first 3D in the world.
Printing the violin is half a technical miracle, half a paper pastemaché project. DIY violin-
Manufacturer Alex Davis made a plastic shape for the body of the violin with 3D printing, and then he and his team covered the shape with newspapers and glue.
cardboard made neck and some pictures-
Hanging line for the string service.
The results were published online on February.
27 through a bit-difficult-to-listen-
There is no Stradivarius in the YouTube video, but its creators claim \"it\'s good for a weekend and $12 \". \"3.
After discovering the skeleton of the Dragon, the face of a dead king
Under a parking lot in Leicester, England, archaeologists handed the skull measurements to Caroline Wilkinson, an expert in facial reconstruction at Dundee University.
Wilkinson and her colleagues carved the computerized meat into a computerized bone, and then 3D printed out the final bust image-
lifelike appearance of a person who died more than 500 years ago. 4.
Human stem cells do not want to see this on staple foods soon, but scientists have developed 3D printers for stem cells. [
7 Cool medical uses for 3D printing]
The device works by producing uniform droplets of living embryonic stem cells, cells that are present in early development that can differentiate into any type of tissue.
The printer is very gentle and can spray up to five cells at a time without damaging them.
Researchers can use the dabs of cells to quickly test drugs or make tiny pieces of tissue.
The ultimate goal is to grow the whole organ from scratch. 5.
Most skull3D-
Printing organs may be the dream of the future, but scientists can already make some parts of the body.
In the third month, the surgeon replaced a person\'s 75% skull with a plastic skull made in 3D printing.
Replacing damaged or sick bones is not new, but the OsteoFab implant is the first to be made custom-made via 3D printing ---
Advances that help reduce costs.
The company that manufactures implants, Oxford Performance Materials, plans to develop other biocompatible implants for the rest of the body. 6.
Did you hear that?
If you\'re wearing 3D
Printed ears created by Princeton University researchers.
This bionic ear, made of calf cells, polymer gels and silver nanoparticles, can receive radio signals beyond the range of human hearing.
To make the ear, the researchers print the gel into a shape that resembles the ear and culture the calf cells on the substrate to produce the appropriate biological substance.
The injection of silver nanoparticles creates an \"antenna\" to receive these radio signals, which can then be transferred to the Cochlear, which is the part of the ear that converts sound into brain signals.
However, the researchers did not have a plan to stick their ears on the human head. Yet. 7.
Your own kids can\'t wait to see what your kids will look like?
You know about Fasotec, Japan.
Magnetic resonance images can be taken by engineering companies (MRI)
The fetus developing in the uterus and converting it into 3D
Print the town paper of the fetus with white plastic, surrounded by transparent plastic belly.
Fasotec\'s main job is to make 3D printing of scanned organs for doctors and medical students, so fetal souvenirs are a promotional sideline.
Japanese mothers can buy it at around 100,000 yen.
About $975)
The cost of an MRI is not included.
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