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Plastic prototype processing-Strict quality control

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-08- 17 17: 04

since August, many new customers have found extension models through Web search and asked for help in plastic prototype processing, for example, some prototypes of auto parts, prototypes of robots, prototypes of home appliances, etc. These customers have just begun to be skeptical about the extension model, but when they read the video and related comments on the company's profile, the doubts in their hearts disappeared without a trace.

There are also some customers who find the extension model through the introduction of others. , 3D drawings were then sent for quotation. For plastic prototype processing, some customers care more about the price than the quality, so they do not choose to cooperate. Then I found a small workshop to process, but the prototype surface made by the small factory was too rough and the accuracy was very low, resulting in a large error in the verification of new products, it was only necessary to re-find a large prototype factory to cooperate.

extension model has rich experience in plastic prototype processing, with more than 20 technical backbones that follow from the start of the factory, these people have already had rich experience and widely spread these experiences in the production department, thus improving the quality of the prototype model. If many customers have high requirements for accuracy, they will give priority to the extension model. After each prototype is made, the QC department will pass the three-dimensional inspection and confirm the OK before it will be shipped to the customer.

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