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Professional prototype factory-Additional services available

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-06- 01 08: 00

whether you need a long-term cooperative supplier of the factory or just want to cooperate at one time. We must choose a professional prototype manufacturer, which is to help you save resources better. Because the homogenization of the prototype industry is more serious, it has received 3D drawings from customers and then customized services.

The difference lies in the professional prototype factory, which uses new equipment for processing and molding. The size of the number of people and the time of employment are much better than those small factories that have just started, although the price is more advantageous. After all, the processing cost is low, and the quality of the prototype is not very good. So you can spend a little more money.

Find a professional prototype manufacturer to carry out one-stop service, which has the efficiency to solve the problem. It can greatly alleviate the quality problems you are worried about, and there are some additional services that are not available in small factories. For example, the three-dimensional accuracy test certificate has ISO9001 quality system certification. The salesman sent by Shunfeng after packing.

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