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Prototype factory-24-hour production

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-08- 02 13: 36

many people know that most of the products produced and processed in the factory need to be verified by prototype models, if the prototype wants to be used normally, it must find a good prototype factory. If you want to do something good, you must first benefit the device, so select a good manufacturing prototype model factory.

not long ago, a Mr. Deng from Changsha, due to the price level, the cooperation with a small manufacturing prototype factory was selected. As a result, the prototype quality produced and processed by the prototype factory was not good, resulting in the production progress of new products being blocked, and the time and cost were greatly improved, and there is a risk of breach of contract compensation for failure to complete the customer's order on time. Mr. Deng looked for the after-sales service of the prototype factory. As a result, the other party pushed it again. Mr. Deng could not say it! Therefore, Mr. Deng found tuowei according to the Internet, and learned that tuowei prototype factory has a factory area of nearly 5000 square meters, 55 CNC processing equipment and five-axis machine, with more than 100 employees, more than 60 prototype masters have an average working experience of about 8 years. They immediately took the board to cooperate with the extension model and placed a batch of urgent orders.

tuowei manufacturing prototype factory is assigned to the production workshop master after receiving the order work overtime for 24 hours, in the promised time for prototype delivery, Mr. Deng found that Tuowei's products were of excellent quality after receiving the prototype, which was very different from the previous ones, it's just too important to pick a good prototype factory.

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