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Prototype factory in Ningbo-How to choose the processing method

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-05- 29 17: 30

there are now many Ningbo prototype factories that will adopt the form of CNC machining, because if such a form is adopted, then the raw materials can be selected through the processing of some CNC machine tools to select some products that meet the requirements, including some processing speed may be faster, and the surface quality of the sample will be better. After completing some surface spraying and electroplating processes, including some of the effects of mold opening production, it will be relatively close.

for the advantages of Ningbo prototype factory, the production process of the prototype model will be relatively advanced. If the structure is more complicated and the quantity is relatively large, the requirements for the hand feel materials are relatively strict, and CNC processing can be adopted. If it is a small batch, you can use a vacuum compound die device, and of course, some 3D printers will be included.

some better Ningbo prototype factories, generally, it will provide more thoughtful services, because it is a processing industry, so in addition to some processing and equipment, it is also necessary to do more professional services, the whole process of prototyping can be coherent.

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