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Prototype factory Shenzhen-Provide a proof

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-07- 06 11: 24

Shenzhen is the birthplace of the prototype. Although the prototype industry is now almost all over many provinces and cities, on experience and technology, it will be better to be deeper, so it will be better to find a prototype factory in Shenzhen if you want to be a prototype!

as before four months, there is a customer from Shanghai through Baidu search'Prototype factory Shenzhen'We found the model company. But because this customer needs to customize the robot prototype, and the number of 110 sets is already small batch processing! But this Miss Liang suffered a loss in a small supplier a long time ago, so she was very cautious this time! Field visits are required first! So after that, the salesman invited Miss Liang to have time to visit the Tuwei model!

Miss Liang came to the extension model for a visit two days later! Xu Gong, the salesman of the prototype factory in Shenzhen, took Miss Liang to the sample room and workshop to visit. After the visit, although Miss Liang was relieved a lot, however, for the sake of people's vigilance, it is still required to do a robot proofing to determine that it meets its own requirements before making it! week later, Miss Liang received it. After checking it, she said she was very satisfied, so she gave the extension model production at one time!

Because of the large number, the delivery period is relatively long! However, as a regular prototype factory, Shenzhen factory was quickly finished and handed over to Miss Liang in good condition! Miss Liang said she liked it after a general inspection! If you are interested in the extension model, you can consult the online customer service on the right side!

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