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Prototype manufacturer-Have 5-axis machine and 3-dimensional

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-12- 10 15: 54

Mr. Zhang is a hardware worker. He has been plagued by the tolerance of the object, so he intends to find a new prototype supplier online. He searched the Internet. 'Prototype manufacturer' When he found the extension model, the customer service Xiao Liu warmly received him. After arriving at his contact information, he transferred it to the business section.

after a short period of communication with him, I learned that, since the processing equipment used by the previous prototype manufacturer is not very good, the accuracy of processing is not high. The business section told Mr. Zhang that the extension model uses a 5-axis machine to process metal parts, which can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. 01mm, it is very advantageous when making some precision parts. In order to dispel Mr. Zhang's doubts, he also asked Mr. Zhang to come to the factory.

so a time was agreed, mr. Zhang came to the tuowei prototype factory. Under the leadership of the business, it is learned that tuowei currently has 55 hardware processing machines, two five-axis machines, and a high-specification 3-dimensional inspection machine, which is much stronger than the general prototype manufacturer. After Mr. Zhang went back, he put down the order on the same day and made an advance payment.

to the delivery date, Mr. Zhang received the goods, there is also a three-dimensional test report. Mr. Zhang was very happy and revealed the idea of long-term cooperation, saying that he was at ease with what tuowei prototype manufacturers did.

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