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Prototype Model Company-Insist on winning with quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-05- 05 11: 38

If you care about quality, please respect its price; If what you want is cheap, please don't think there will be quality! From Ancient Times to the present, everything is money and money, and it is a lie that there is no quality in the beautiful language! Due to the rise of the prototype industry, many prototype model companies have emerged, resulting in fierce competition. In order to obtain more market share, some prototype factories often fight price wars, deliberately reduce the price and quality of the prototype, but one prototype factory has been obsessed with this behavior for 17 years.

Mr. Shi from Shenzhen searched through the Internet'Prototype Model Company' I found the extension model and contacted the business Huang Gong to send the Huang Gong drawings. Huang Gong looked at the customer's drawings. Huang Gong asked the customer what materials to do. The customer said that ABS was used to do 5 and 3D printing. Huang Gong asked the customer if he needed tax, and the customer said that tax included. After Huang Gong gave him the price, the customer said that the price could be discounted. Huang Gong said that your amount is a little small, you can do a few more to offer. Huang Gong told the customer that this is a cash-strapped product. Besides, the model has been prototype for more than ten years, and there will be no problems in quality.

in terms of price, the customer and Huang Gong are always deadlocked, later, Huang Gong transferred the focus to the delivery date. He told the customer that if the order is placed now, the order can be produced immediately, and then 3 ~ You can receive the goods in 5 days. The customer still agrees with the strength of the extension model, so he still agrees. If you are looking for a prototype model company that always adheres to high quality, you might as well contact the extension model.

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