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Prototype Model factory-More than 60 prototype Masters polished

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-08- 15 11: 02

not long ago, a customer in Dongguan found a prototype model production factory and sent a 3D drawing of a prototype model, ask about the production and processing of Taowei? How long is the delivery date?

learned after communication, this customer is Mr. Hu, the purchasing manager of a well-known automobile manufacturer. Mr. Hu's enterprise needs to produce new products in the near future and needs to use this prototype to verify the rationality of new products, mr. Hu also found several prototype factories before, but because the various aspects of this prototype model are relatively high, they can't be processed, how did Mr. Hu contact Tuowei? According to Mr. Hu, at first, I decided to choose the tuowei prototype model production factory because many friends around me said that tuowei is very good, has a strong ability to work in the aspect of customized prototypes and is very professional in technology, quality is also ensured. And this prototype is not very well processed. You need to find a prototype factory with the overall strength of the technical profession to cooperate. Therefore, we chose Taowei, and it turns out that our vision is true.

The prototype model production plant of Shenzhen tuowei model for 18 years, the company has 55 CNC processing equipment, more than 100 employees and more than 60 prototype masters. The average working experience is about 8 years, therefore, it is not the case for some prototypes that are difficult to process in the extension dimension, so even customers who have never met will be willing to choose the extension dimension model.

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