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Prototype model Manufacturing Company-How to find a supplier

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-05- 11 16: 04

as we all know, a prototype of the customer is not made by the customer directly by hand. It is a prototype model manufacturing company that needs to program machine tools according to 3D drawings confirmed by customers. The use of CNC high-precision processing to achieve the purpose of molding, and then let the manual master to further improve the post-processing.

depending on the customer's drawing description, there will also be the use of multiple processes. This whole process is the basic of testing professional technology for a professional prototype model manufacturing company. Many small factory details will not be so good as packaging problems. There is no special safety standard, there is no three-dimensional machine in quality inspection, and visual data cannot be provided.

manufacturers such as the extension model state the details of the customer on the production list, and each link is completed in the factory for QC inspection many times. It can make timely modification plans for early detection of problems, save customers' costs and provide suggestions for customers' drawings. It is not a responsibility for other prototyping companies not to do this, hoping to help you choose a better partner.

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