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Prototype model of robot-Participated in the exhibition praise countless

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-01- 19 08: 29

Hello everyone, there are many excellent robot prototype models and manufacturers in Shenzhen. Among them, a tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. has been well received for its prototype. Customers are also in the exhibition or interviewed by CCTV. It is said that it is a prototype model made by the extension model.

Because of the new five-axis machining equipment used, the accuracy can reach 0. 01mm. This is the average level evaluated many times according to the three-dimensional precision detection report. In line with the international quality requirements, the company has the certification of the quality system. Hundreds of production teams have worked for more than 5 years as handmasters.

such a large-scale production and production environment can enable your robot prototype model. Other greater help in the R & D design process in order to facilitate subsequent improvement and preparation of large-volume mold opening. If you want to know more about this convenience or help, you can find online customer service personnel. If you need to see the factory, you can also take the initiative to call the number and contact tuowei with a special reception staff to serve you.

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