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Prototype of Laser Rapid Prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2014-08- 30 16: 43

laser rapid prototyping technology makes a prototype, and the photo-sensitive resin selective curing rapid prototyping technology is suitable for making small and medium-sized workpieces, products that can directly obtain resin or similar engineering plastics. The prototype surface quality of SLA rapid prototyping is good, the system resolution is high, and the molding accuracy is high.

The processing method of SLS is similar to SLA technology, but the liquid photopolymer is replaced by powder raw material, and act on the powder material with a certain scanning speed and energy. In the forming process, the laser parameters, as well as the properties of the powder and the sintering atmosphere are important factors that affect the quality of the sintering forming. SLS rapid prototyping can produce the hardest prototypes, and can use a variety of raw materials, such as plastic, wax, metal, ceramics, etc. for most engineering projects, and the construction speed of parts is high, there is no need for post-correction of parts, no need for design and construction support.

SLA rapid prototyping is based on stereo engraving ( Stereolitography) process of principle, also known as selective curing of photosensitive resin, is the earliest SLA rapid prototyping technology. The process is: fill the resin tank with liquid photosensitive resin, which will quickly cure under the irradiation of ultraviolet laser beam. At the beginning of the SLA rapid prototyping process, the lifting Workbench is at the height of the layer thickness of the next section of the liquid level. The focused laser beam, under the control of the computer, scans along the liquid level according to the requirements of the section profile, the resin in the scanned area is cured, so that the resin sheet of the profile of this section is obtained. The Workbench then drops the height of a layer of flakes, and the cured resin flakes are covered by a new layer of liquid resin for laser scanning and curing of the second layer, the newly cured layer is firmly bonded on the previous layer, so repeated until the whole product is formed.

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