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Prototype processing factory in Dongguan

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-08- 09 10: 46

The price of many things is now rising! Some small companies that have just been founded and some enterprises that are not so strong in internal strength are working hard to improve their own strength! Someone will develop new products and then look for a prototype factory in Dongguan!

before half a month, friend of Mr. Liao learned that the prototype quality produced by a Dongguan prototype processing manufacturer is very high, and the delivery date is also very punctual! That manufacturer is called Tuwei model! This Mr. Liao explained that the company must take the Procurement Task seriously this time, because their company attaches great importance to this new product development! So Liao Xiansheng contacted the customer service of the Tuowei model and went to the Tuowei model for on-the-spot investigation the next day!

after listening to Mr. Liao's story, the salesman of Dongguan prototype processing factory also learned that this prototype is very important to them, so he first took the customer to the sample room to visit, and then went to the workshop to visit, especially after the treatment, Mr. Liao was particularly satisfied! After the visit, the customer saw the technical consultant of Tuowei! After consulting some questions, Mr. Liao felt the specialty of the extension model, so he made a list!

because Mr. Liao's delivery period is very urgent, so I arranged for the staff to work overtime! Finally finished in four days! The packaging is exquisite and sent to Liao Sheng! After a few weeks, Mr. Liao told Chen Gong, a salesman of Dongguan prototype processing manufacturer, that because the quality of the extension model is very good, they have very good sales in the market! Say that if there is a cooperation with the extension model next time!

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