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Prototype processing factory of integrity

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-02- 20 16: 26

In this age of lack of integrity,'Touch porcelain' Behavior is not uncommon, the old man fell to the age when no one dared to help. An enterprise that does not speak good faith is not a good enterprise. Even if it can be beautiful for a while, it can't be beautiful for a lifetime and will eventually be eliminated by the society. If you are looking for a prototype processing plant with good faith, the extension model is a good choice.

The Service purpose of the extension prototype processing plant is: I do things that others do not do; I do useful things for customers; I do what the company wants. As long as you promise the customer's business, you will do it. Take one thing from the previous few years, Dr. Rudi (Dr. Rudy) He is a design engineer in Jordan. He has been working in Shenzhen for more than 5 years and has made a prototype toy prototype for the car in Tuowei model.

when this toy prototype is almost finished, dr. Rudy's company is in a financial and debt crisis and has no time to take care of the prototype of the toy. After finishing his toy prototype, the tuowei prototype factory locked it in the sample cabinet. Although some customers said they wanted to buy it in the middle, they were rejected one by one. After about a year, Dr. Rudy called to say that his difficulties had been solved one by one and wanted to pay the final payment to get the toy prototype back. So the relevant business sent him the past. When he saw the prototype of the car Toy of the day and night, he excitedly said to the relevant business:' I didn't expect you to keep it for so long. This toy prototype is like my child. '

since the prototype model was customized for 17 years, all the things promised to customers have been done, if you want to find a prototype processing factory with good faith, look at the extension model.

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