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Prototype silicone model-Strong pressure resistance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-06- 19 16: 27

prototype silica gel is a silicone product mainly used for prototype molding, and the prototype silicone series silica gel is a liquid that flows. Silicone has a strong adsorption force. Silicone has poor mechanical properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance and ozone resistance to atmospheric aging. The disadvantage is that the tensile strength and tear resistance are poor. Therefore, if you want to make a prototype model of silicone, you must find a prototype manufacturer!

For example, a Miss Wang searched through the network two months ago'Prototype model of silica gel' I found the top extension model company. I originally only looked at it a little. The more I saw it, the more I was interested in the extension model, so I launched the customer service online consultation! After leaving the contact information, the customer service transferred Miss Wang's information to the salesman, Miss Xin, and then started a preliminary understanding of each other after contacting the customer.

In the chat, I learned that Miss Wang had cooperated with a manufacturer before, unfortunately, the prototype factory is not so formal, and the materials are not particularly good materials, resulting in all the pressure tears when the prototype is done on its own hands, therefore, all the silicone prototype models have been scrapped, and only one prototype factory has to be re-found. Seeing that the evaluation of the extension model on the internet is very good, so I plan to cooperate with the extension model!

Miss Wang was able to have so much information about the silicone prototype model it is a good idea to see the information of the extension model! Of course, for Miss Wang's trust, the employees of Tuwei model are also very happy! I hope to have long-term cooperation in the future!

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