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Reference for quotation of prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-04- 20 11: 45

most of the customers came up with pictures to send drawings to quote the prototype model. In fact, this question, basically customer service can not answer you. This is generally a special salesman. After reading the 3D map sent by the customer, you can give a general quotation. Because there's something else involved. For example, the prototype model you need is more urgent and needs to be shipped as soon as possible. This requires the prototype manufacturer to increase the working hours of employees, which increases the labor cost. This is one of them.

second, if the accuracy and roughness of the machined parts are also required in your prototype model quotation, it needs to go to 0. 01mm when the tolerance is required, the requirements for the supplier are relatively high and the cost is increased. Third, if the structure of the machined parts is complex, or the overall size is large or the appearance is the shape of the surface, the cost should also be increased. Fourth, that is, processing materials. If the processed materials are difficult to process materials, the cost will be higher than that of ordinary materials. Fifth, that is the process of processing. Under normal circumstances, prototype electroplating, laser carving, etc. are rarely used, but if your prototype production process requires a complete set of processes, then the price will naturally increase.

In fact, it also understands the psychology of customers who want to know the price soon. , however, after all, many factors in this doping still need to consider the difficulty of the salesman. However, in terms of the quotation of the prototype model, the extension model is professional. It is expected to be completed within half to 3 hours, provided that the customer provides 3D drawings. If not, the quotation cannot be made. Tuowei model is a professional prototype manufacturer with 17 years of experience in prototyping. supplier worthy of customer trust!

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