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robots, wearable tech on display at \'do-it-yourself palace\' in calgary

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Francecsha IV
Wheeled robots engaged in oil sands construction projects use a series of examiners to collect up to 15 million mine survey data in less than a minute.
The robot, owned by Calgary start-up Veerum, sends data to a central computer system that creates a digital copy of the site, allowing staff in another city to observe the mine remotely.
This robot can even help oil and gas companies find problems at the construction site that may cause expensive delays.
Francecsha is another sign that the oil and gas industry embraces automation to reduce costs, from driverless trucks to walking oil rigs.
The robot is also part of a new project in Calgary in which a new generation of inventors, wearable technology manufacturers and other smart people will work together to make products.
Together with its robot range, Veerum is a fixed tenant of 5,400 square feet
Warehouses for metal, carpentry, 3D printers, industrial sewing equipment, laser cutting machines and electronic laboratories.
Manufacturers with different experiencefrom first-
Experienced robot engineers and high school time enthusiasts
Fashion designer
You can rent a space for a day or trade in a warehouse in the Southeast community of Radisson Heights.
\"This is a place where we can work and even work with the rest of Calgary,\" says Kristy Dixon, who is in charge of Veerum communications . \".
\"We have an office in the city center . . . . . . But it\'s in a high-rise building where you can\'t really knock things, make robots, and get the job done.
The warehouse is the idea of FUSE33, another start-up in Calgary, which has invested its own money to create a \"do-it-
Your own Palace \", will also hold hands-on lessons for budding inventors and craft enthusiasts
With the instructor
Homeowners who need to cut boards for home renovations do not have to invest in expensive saws, but can drop to FUSE33, receive safety training and work on their projects.
Fashion Hotel Calgary-
The warehouse-based designer is another tenant in the warehouse.
The company\'s founders partnered with designers in Rome, Paris and Las Vegas to travel around the world on wearable technology.
One of the clothes on display had a few wires with an action checker that made the dance model on the runway light up the dress.
One more dress is 3D.
The printed beads look like gems but are actually light diffusers.
Make Fashion is now ready to do-it-
Your own kit, which will allow designers to bring reviews and lights into their outfits.
Maria Hoover, partner of the company, said: \"There is no other space in Calgary for us to go in and share laser cutting machines, 3D printers or sewing machinesfounder.
The warehouse also allows Veerum to store and process its robots.
Francecsha is part of the AI suite designed to anticipate and solve problems in industrial workplaces such as oil sands mines.
The data collected by Francecsha helps companies predict problems that lead to expensive delays, such as manufacturing problems that affect assembly of modular buildings in the workplace.
\"In terms of inefficiency, there is a lot of money being lost,\" Dixon said . \".
\"Technology like this can really help make time and budget for these projects.
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