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teens use 3d printer to give amputee a helping hand

by:Tuowei     2019-08-29
What do you expect when you ask high school students to use a 3D printer?
It may be a toy to play with during class, or it may be a candy dispenser placed in a locker.
You may not imagine that they will use this technology to change a person\'s life.
A group of high school students did this 38-year-old Jayme Sims.
After Sims lost four fingers due to a wood chipper accident, the activity became limited.
It wasn\'t until three high school students at the Montessori Ben Barber Vocational and Technical College decided to make a manipulator for a class project.
They never thought about how it would affect someone.
\"When I first started this project, I didn\'t expect to help a person,\" said senior Jeremiah Sims . \".
But see us-as a group -
We can really help others and feel really good.
\"This one looks like a Transformers hand and students need to spend $50 to make it.
A normal artificial limb usually costs thousands of dollars.
Although the manipulator does not have modern dexterity --
It can still help amputees catch objects, write and perform other daily tasks.
\"I can\'t get the bag.
\"I ride a motorcycle and I can use it when I ride a motorcycle,\" Sims said . \".
\"There are a lot of things in life that we take for granted, so I now think I can do that.
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