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Telephone prototype model-Reduce the risk of direct mold opening

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-06- 14 14: 14

now everyone has one or several mobile phones in their hands, and the invention of mobile phones also brings people different joys of life. Some people will use their mobile phones to check information, play games, chat, make money and so on. Moreover, the mobile phone also has a deadline and will be scrapped at a certain time, so this has also led to the continuous invention of new mobile phones, and every time the phone that makes people shine at the moment, it is also a phone prototype model that can be perfected step by step through various experiments.

The telephone prototype model is a duplicate made according to the original model of the 3D drawing sent by the customer. It can be used to do experiments, so that new products can be improved step by step, or they can be taken to participate in the exhibition and placed orders at the exhibition! Moreover, making prototypes is what every enterprise has to do, because if the mold is opened directly, it will not only cost millions of funds, but also cause great trouble because of the cost of funds and resources, especially the kind of new company.

there is a company in Shenzhen called Tuowei model that has already done it the prototype model has been around for 18 years, many prototypes have been made, and the phone prototype model is even more difficult. Moreover, the company has advanced equipment, more than 50 CNC production equipment, and also introduced brother machines, which are equipped with dust-free workshops. The prototype surface of the shipment is free of dust! The prototype is of good quality and the accuracy is as high as 0. Around 01, the reputation is highly praised!

If you want to make a phone prototype model, if you are interested in the extension model, try the extension model. If the quality is not good, you can make it for you free of charge until you are satisfied. If you are interested, please contact the online customer service on the right side!

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