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The difference between 3d printing rapid molding and simple mold

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2019-03- 22 10: 58

Fast mold is also called simple mold. Using the prototype manufactured by rapid prototyping technology to indirectly manufacture the molding mold, it is to simplify the structure of the formal mold, and then do the mold completely according to the formal mold. Then the plastic glue machine is injection molded and then processed with cnc, so the simple mode is to organically combine the mold technology with the machining process. Using rapid prototyping technology to assist mold manufacturing and development can shorten the manufacturing time of the mold by 1/3, reduce the cost by 20% to 30%, and can well solve the contradiction between mold production and product development.

The advantage of rapid prototyping technology is that it is completely possible to design as required material selection, also fully injection molding according to the design requirements. Its batch size is suitable for 50- 5000, very suitable for the trial production of small batches of products, is an ideal way of small batch production. But it seems expensive to do a few or tens of thousands.

some time ago, a customer came to the extension model and wanted to print it in 3D. , there are also four rapid prototyping technologies that want to make a batch of prototypes, but the number is relatively large. The reason is that 3D printing will be cheaper. At that time, after listening to the salesman, he gave the customer a more suitable plan for him. It is recommended not to print in 3D, because the number is large and the precision of doing so many trial production is not high, if you can't test a good result for his product, it will not be worth the loss. Instead of spending so much money to do this, it is better to spend a relatively neutral price to make a prototype with high accuracy. Cnc machining can be used, high precision, high cost performance. After listening to the customer, I felt that it seemed feasible, so I made a bill, paid the full amount, and came to the drawing.

If you are trying to make a prototype of a batch of small batches, it is recommended to use 3D printing rapid prototyping technology, but if the number is large, it will be better to choose a high processing accuracy and high cost performance. If you want to look at the extension model, you can contact the customer service on the right side and wait 24 hours.

In the past few decades, abs prototype production has increased because of the use of small cnc milling machine.
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