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223 more schools to get tinkering labs under NITI

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Following the second round of application, according to the Atal innovation mission of NITI Aayog, nearly 223 schools in Tamil Nadu were selected to obtain the Atal repair laboratory (AIM).

The schools are one of the country's 3,000 other institutions identified as repair labs and will receive a funding of Rs 20 over the next five years.

'In the first round of applications, we have identified 171 schools in Tamil Nadu to obtain a repair lab.

These laboratories will help promote innovation among young people and ensure that they are able to acquire technology based on their ideas, 'said Ramanathan Ramanan, general manager of AIM. Mr.

The money given to schools will be used to buy technologies such as 3D printers and robotic kits, ramannan said.

'We will also support the lab by training teachers,' he said . '.

In Tamil Nadu, so far, there are a total of 395 laboratories in all 32 regions, of which nearly 70% are governments and governments --

Funding schools according to application.

The selection of standard schools is chosen based on whether they have the necessary space, basic infrastructure and faculty to be passionate about STEM, and the active participation of students in science-related activities.

Once the lab is in place, students will be encouraged to look at the real

From irrigation management to the separation of waste and the creation of innovations for this purpose are the challenges facing the world. S.

Anna gem science park preparatory high school secretary, director of the University of Anna Education Association EMMRC Gori, said that the school was selected under the goal of setting up a laboratory in the second round of applications.

The school applied last year.

'There is a dedicated space to create an environment that encourages students to innovate, which is a welcome space.

This will help students learn through practice and learning outside of the classroom, 'said Girija Devi, school principal.

223 more schools to get tinkering labs under NITI Aayog project

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