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Babcock’s $800,000 a windfall for Camosun College

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
Eight months later, a huge empty bay in the James White Building of the carmorson college should be buzzing with the event.
The space is being transformed into the Babcock interactive lab in Canada, making it possible to donate $800,000 through Babcock.
Students from all over Camosun will be able to use the lab, and Sherri Bell, president of Camosun, spoke at an event on Tuesday to mark financial support.
\"You will have students from different disciplines --
Trade, technology, business and health
Work together in this space to solve real problems.
Make our community a better place.
Bell said: \"They will develop the skills employers say they want to get from college graduates.
\"So critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork.
This happens when they work together.
The device will include 3D printers and virtual
Real-world technologies that can help a range of Company a\'s product development are also related to Babcock\'s work in the field of engineering support in Canada.
Locally, its work includes contracts to provide services to the Canadian submarine fleet.
It is also active in sectors such as energy and transportation.
Mark Dixon, president of Babcock, Canada, said the money for the lab should be seen as an investment rather than a donation.
This is the largest single donation from Camosun\'s trademark excellence campaign, which generated $6. 5 million —
Target of over $5 million
Support the education industry.
Babcock, Canada, a unit in the United StatesK. -
Dickson said its headquarters at Babcock International has benefited from cooperation with educational institutions such as Camosun.
Because of the growing demand for skilled workers, it is important to convey a message to students, \"industry, technology, is really a great profession,\" he said . \".
For Babcock, Canada, this will include finding common
Dickson said that the student\'s op work schedule during Camosun, as well as the post-graduation work.
Murray Farmer, co-operative
He hosted the trademark event with his wife Lynda, who said Babcock Canada was an important part of the legacy created by the fundraising initiative.
\"Babcock is developing Canadian expertise and investing in economic development and people in our own communities.
Dave Lefler, 33, is a Camosun graduate who works for Babcock at Ocean College Canada
He is very happy to work in his hometown.
Lefler said that he started with Camosun\'s diploma in mechanical engineering technology and then continued to obtain mechanical-
Degree in engineering from Victoria University.
\"I started as a colleague.
Then hired as a permanent employee.
\"Partnerships like Camosun and Babcock come from a well
Tim Walzak, director of applied research and innovation at Camosun, said this is an established trend.
\"About 10 years ago, it was recognized that Canadian universities played an indispensable role in translating our basic research knowledge into practical products.
\"Implementation, application, this is the\" sweet spot \"of the Canadian university system \". ” As state-of-the-
Although the equipment in the lab will be art, the facility is more than that, Walzak said.
\"It\'s not just a technical issue, it\'s not just a trading issue, it\'s not just a business issue,\" he said . \"
\"This is to solve the problem in a very cohesive and influential way.
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