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Baoan prototype factory-Cooperate with customer's production requirements

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-01- 25 08: 07

Mr. Ma contacted the Tuowei model a few months ago and they developed a rubber-coated project, it is necessary to make a prototype to verify whether the structure is defective and difficult to process. They have found several Baoan prototype factories to reply that they can't do it, later, I saw the information of the extension model on the website and immediately contacted. After Zhu asked about his contact information, he gave it to Miss Mo.

Mr. Ma saw on the web page that the package made by the extension model was the photos are very beautiful, it is not much different from the prototype model they are going to do. So Mr. Ma quickly sent the drawings to Miss Mo of Baoan prototype factory, hoping to evaluate the delivery date and price.

after Miss Mo got the drawings, they analyzed their drawings, at the same time, he also reasonably proposed the location of the drawings that were not processed well. They modified it over there. Bao 'an prototype factory took the order processing, and the processing process was not very easy, however, the Tuowei model gives customers a lot of confidence with great care and responsible processing attitude. In the spare time, the customer also came to discuss with the extension model, which was convenient to modify in the following drawings. In this cooperation, the prototype master of the extension model cooperated very much, patiently communicate with customers to satisfy customers, and customers are very satisfied with the extension model!

few days later, mr. Ma received the adhesive package sent by the extension model, which was more satisfactory. If you are not satisfied with the effect of the current Baoan prototype factory, you may as well look at the extension model, and there may be unexpected gains!

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