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Beijing prototype processing plant-Do a good job of assembly before shipment

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-01- 15: 56

Miss Jiang searched through the Internet'Beijing prototype processing factory' If you find the extension model, there is a model to see if the extension can be done, because it is a prototype with very high accuracy and is an electronic cigarette. Tuowei model has been working on the prototype of e-cigarettes, and also knows the precision of e-cigarettes and has experience, so it has found the relevant person in charge to be responsible for the project of e-cigarettes.

Miss Jiang said that she had done it in other Beijing prototype processing plants before, what I did was not good. It was very difficult to assemble. I asked if the Tuowei model could provide samples for assembly and send them to him. The relevant business, Miss Zheng, clearly told Miss Jiang, assembly will be carried out before the sample shipment is processed. After the assembly is finished, no problem will be checked before entering the next process, which can save a lot of customers' time and cost. The extension model has always done so, so there is no need to worry about this problem.

There is also a precision problem, the size of this electronic cigarette prototype is not very large, the accuracy is high, and the extension dimension can reach several wires with five-axis machining accuracy, which can be satisfied. Miss Jiang said that this will not raise the budget. This problem is also a problem that every customer is worried about. The price is definitely higher than that of a small factory, because the quality of the work is different from the result, we can't compare the price with the quality of the small Beijing prototype processing factory. Miss Jiang also understood that she signed a confidential agreement and made an advance payment.

every step of the process of the Beijing prototype processing plant from sending an order quotation to placing an order all of them carefully analyzed the processing drawings and process delivery with Miss Jiang, very transparent, Miss Jiang safely handed over the order to the Taowei model, not the low price, not how good we promised, but the professional, he needs, just the Taowei model.

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