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did police jump the gun? 3d printed gun found in manchester may be spare printer parts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Manchester police (GMP)
Praising the discovery as a \"very important\" finding, but the police have now issued a second statement urging the 3D section to be maintained after Twitter users have contacted them about potential mixing issuesup.
\"Oi @ gmpolice your 3D printed gun trigger, it\'s not, it\'s part of the printer,\" one wrote on a micro-computerblogging site.
GMP thought they found a trigger and magazine, but later played down the importance of their seizure.
Assistant Police Chief Steve Heywood said we need to be very clear that at this stage we cannot say clearly that we have found the components of the 3D gun.
What we have seized is items that require further forensic testing by National ballistic experts to determine if they can be used to make truly viable firearms.
\"We will also conduct a thorough analysis of the computers we recycle to determine any evidence of a blueprint for how to make such weapons.
The owner, who was arrested during the raid and later released on bail, said he told police they were printer parts.
In an interview with The Huffington Post, he said they accused me of making gun parts.
I sat here yesterday morning and saw the police coming to the door.
I thought it was a client.
We have officials from clients.
They came in and said, \"We have a warrant to search here \".
\"I was angry, disappointed and hurt.
It might kill me, it might threaten business.
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