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drone\'s mapping of canna and sanday \'a world first\'

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
A 3D digital map of Canna and Sanday has been created, providing a new perspective for the Archaeology of isles. A fixed-
Wing drones are used to take more than 4,000 photos of islands managed by the Scottish National Trust (NTS).
Nath says Canna and Sanday on the island are the themes of the most detailed mapping work ever done on any island in the world.
The project has mapped the location of dozens of archaeological sites.
New locations were also found in the drone photos.
The digital map shows the shape and range of turf and stone structures such as settlement mound, stone wall and thatched circle.
Evidence of traditional drilling rigs and plough cultivation strips was also drawn in detail.
From the Neolithic Age to the Bronze Age until the 19 th century, archaeological remains existed.
Headquartered in GeoGeo, super will be used in November
HD camera with the aim of determining the exact location of archaeological features.
The images are processed to create a \"very detailed\" Canna and the adjacent Sanday 3D map.
The map is able to be used in 3D printers to create scale models for islands.
GeoGeo\'s Paul Georgie says his team spent five days in \"miraculously calm and sunny weather\" with drones sailing at a total distance of 248 miles (400km).
He said: \"We then process the data ourselves.
A supercomputer was built to make the most complete 3D map of the island to date.
\"Not only does this show detailed terrain and vegetation in the game --
Changing the resolution by 3 cm, but currently with more than 0. 42 billion data points, is the world\'s largest complete island data set shot by a drone.
Derek Alexander, head of archaeology for solitary birds, said: \"We have previously recorded Archaeology on Canna and Sanday, which proves that there were residents as early as the Neolithic Age, but this survey gives us some information and details that we don\'t have yet.
\"We have been able to obtain the exact plot of the known site, but also record a wide range of farming marks, such as drilling rigs and trench systems starting from the Bronze Age.
\"At the height of the 19 th century, agriculture in kana and Sanda was able to feed 400 people.
Mr. George said the lone bird asked the drone to operate in a way that did not disturb the birds.
He said: \"As it happens, we are more worried that the drone will be attacked by white people.
The tail sea and golden eagle population, from the barrel roll to the imelman round, we are ready to circumvent the feature (
Cycle and scroll operations)
Avoid contact.
\"Fortunately, although birds do have an interest in it, there is no need for us to use it on Canna.
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