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Five advantages of plastic extrusion and rapid prototyping technology in processing and molding

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-09- 04 11: 43

Five advantages of plastic extrusion and rapid prototyping processing technology in processing and molding the current plastic rapid prototyping method can almost process plastic products of various shapes, however, for some products with special shapes, the existing methods may not be economical and effective, such as three links, four links and some special-shaped products in pipe fittings. Especially in the case of small production volume, the cost of expensive prototype model molds will be shared by a small amount of production, etc. , so the rapid prototyping injection molding method has certain difficulties in producing such parts, what's more, for the long and thin, the size of the end face is large or the expansion joint and other small abdomen parts, it can't even be processed by injection molding and general plastic rapid molding methods. Plastic Extrusion expansion molding should be used in this trend. Compared with the conventional plastic rapid molding processing method, it can be seen that extrusion molding has the following advantages in plastic processing and molding: 1. The structure of molding equipment is relatively simple and the investment of equipment is low; 2. The processed materials do not produce phase change, and the molding process can usually be carried out at a lower temperature with less energy; 3. It is suitable for production of products with large difference in section size, and has strong response to Section size of products; 4. The control system is relatively simple and the process control is very flexible. By controlling the extrusion stroke and using the same mold, it is possible to get products of different sizes; 5. It can make full use of the high productivity and low cost of extruded blanks; 6. In the case of small production volume, the production cost can be greatly reduced. At present, Shenzhen tuowei rapid prototyping center has carried out a large number of experimental studies and successfully prepared plastic rapid prototyping products of various shapes.

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