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from military to mainstream: the evolution of the ar-15

by:Tuowei     2019-09-05
The AR-
There is no doubt that rifles are one of the most prolific and controversial guns in the United States. S. history.
It is used in foreign wars and domestic security, and everything from sports shooting to large-scale shooting.
The NRA even called the weapon an \"American rifle \".
\"But how did it appear and what was its original purpose?
Its history begins with M-1 rifle.
Designed by French
Canadian gun designer John Garland Armory in Springfield, central1930s, the M-
Rifles, commonly referred to as \"Garand\" rifles, are the main combat rifles of the geographic information system as they push the Axis states from conquered Europe, North Africa and the entire Pacific Ocean.
Throughout its service, it will inevitably see action from World War II to modern conflict.
Garand rifles are still used by ceremonial units in the United States. S.
Especially the US military. S.
Marine silent exercise platoon
But at the end of the Korean War, it began to show its age as a combat rifle, compared to Mikhail Kalashnikov\'s AK-
47 automatic rifles and other magazines-fed weapons.
As soon as the Korean War is over, the United StatesS.
The Army began testing three alternatives for Garand Springfield T44E4 and T44E5, an updated version of Garand; the FN-
Fabrik rifle from Belgiumand the AR-
ArmaLite, a division from the mega engine and airlines. The AR-
10, designed by former US president Eugene Stoner. S.
Naval Aviation, mechanic and design engineer at Whitacre aviation equipment. The AR-10 (
\"AR\" stands for \"ArmaLite \")was a magazine-fed, gas-
Launch 7 Operating rifles. 62 mm bullet.
It was made by plane.
According to the ArmaLite website, the grade is aluminum and the weight is 7 pounds (around 3. 2 kilograms)
Lighter than Garland and AK. 47.
Inevitably, the United StatesS.
The military has adopted the Springfield T44 rifle, which will become M-
Basically an updated version of Garand.
The future of the rifle will inevitably fall in the United States. S. Air Force.
According to an article in Gun Digest, in the summer of 1960, the United StatesS. Air Force Gen.
Curtis lemé tried to replace M-
Air Force security personnel and 2 carbine guns used by AR-
15, redesign AR-10.
In the second year, an official of the Bureau of Defense Advanced Research Projects (known as DARPA)
Got an AR-15 rifles to U. S.
Army special forces soldiers fighting in southern Vietnam.
Comments from the site came back almost immediately and GIs liked it very much.
This is very, very effective, says former US president Mark Westrom. S.
Army Ordnance Officer
From 1994 to 2016 he was also the owner of ArmaLite.
In the next 15 months, the United StatesS.
Mainly American troops. S.
General, Army chief.
Maxwell Taylor and Gen
Curtis Lemme of the United StatesS.
The Air Force will basically compete for the soul of their favored rifles.
Inevitably, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ordered the passage of AR-
By the end of 1963, the Army had ordered about 85,000 AR-15 (
Xml16e1 is now specified, or16âx80x9d)
According to the Atlantic and the US TimesS.
The Air Force ordered another 19,000. The M-
16 has officially become the United States. S.
Military Standard combat rifle.
A few years after AR
15 adopted by the military, Kurt released one and a halfautomatic-only AR-
15 rifles for commercial purchase.
With various upgrades and iterations, this rifle is still the standard rifle in the United StatesS.
Manufactured and sold by countless gun manufacturers.
Number of AR-
The 15 s currently owned by American citizens is actually unknown, that is, because the law prevents government agencies, such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, from tracking gun statistics.
After the meeting, the federal offensive weapons, banned in 2004, only increased demand for the sale of AR-
Its variants soared.
Gun lovers find AR-
This is a highly versatile weapon that is accurate, customizable and easy to use.
The owner can customize the rifle according to their specific needs and desires, different barrel length, stock, magazine capacity, gun position and aiming optics, flashlight, sling and even color.
Some enthusiasts use it as a canvas for art.
In fact, its customisation earned the rifle the nickname \"adult Lego.
Westrom says it attracts a lot of people\'s attention and a lot of people want them.
Once military production slows down ,[manufacturers]
Commercial version.
It\'s an exotic look, it\'s light reflection, very, very accurate.
They are very interesting.
They\'re more flexible than M-14.
According to the introduction of the economic impact released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 1.
3 million \"modern sport rifle\", used by NSSF to describe AR-
Styles of guns are produced every year.
As of 2016, they had an estimated 5 to 10 million AR-
An American citizen has 15 rifles and about 0. 3 billion guns.
Fear is a key reason behind AR Growth
In American cultureAR-
During the Obama administration, sales of gun owners and gun lobbyists, such as NRA, rose sharply, starting to provoke people to shoot at a nightclub in Orlando that may ban offensive weapons after a mass shooting at 2012 Sandy Hook primary school, and 2016 shootings, both cases were held by AR-style rifles.
So far, Congress has not passed any kind of arms ban legislation.
In fact, soon the manufacturer will start the sales plan so that anyone with enough money and initiative can print their own guns with a 3D printer, including AR-
No serial number, no trace at all.
According to Westrom, there are about 150 manufacturers of AR-15 parts.
He said sales surged whenever the president introduced a ban. The AR-
15 is a weapon first designed to kill enemy fighters on the battlefield.
There is no doubt about this.
It was used in the conflict from the Vietnam War to Iraq and Afghanistan and will undoubtedly be used in the future.
According to the FBI, while not the main weapon chosen in a homicide case, it is usually the default to a pistol
15 was designed as the most effective human killer in the history of American guns.
When put in the wrong hands, like someone who wants to kill a large innocent, it\'s easy and easy to get close to, AR-
Become a weapon of mass murder.
Editor\'s note: Although we recognize that there are many modern variants of AR
Weapons of style, this article specializes in the original AR-15.
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