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Hardware prototype model-High processing efficiency

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-02- 22 08: 01

now in the customer needs of the hardware prototype model. Accuracy is a particularly important reference specification. If the accuracy does not meet the standard, it will be unusable. It becomes useless, and the deviation is too large and very rough. Colleagues who waste a lot of costs from customers also make the relationship between the two sides very unpleasant.

so I hope everyone can choose a regular manufacturer to reduce the risk. Such colleagues who guarantee the interests are also more worry-free. For example, a professional large factory like tuowei model has multiple five-axis processing machines with complete equipment. The processing team of hundreds of people has been a well-known enterprise for 17 years. Your hardware prototype model can be safely handed over to Tuowei.

in terms of accuracy, the five-axis machine can process complex surfaces and higher efficiency and higher accuracy that cannot be processed by the three-axis machine. Compared with the small factory, the starting point is much higher and the deviation is reduced. The team leader of the manual department has an average length of service of more than five years, and is familiar with various structural techniques. You need to contact the staff on the website now.

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