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High-precision aluminum alloy prototype customization, this is the right choice

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2018-03- 10 16: 07

In the prototype industry, aluminum alloy prototypes are done more, and such prototypes have higher requirements for accuracy. high-precision prototype is very helpful for the development of new products, which can make those'' The design concept of the prototype is restored to a large extent, providing good data for the verification of the prototype. At present, the processing accuracy of aluminum alloy prototype customization manufacturers is not very high. What kind of choice is better? The following is a path for you by the extension model.

Shenzhen is the place where the prototype industry started earlier, so the prototype suppliers are as bullish as possible, however, most prototype factories can only achieve 0 accuracy when processing aluminum alloy prototypes. 1mm, and very few manufacturers can really process high-precision aluminum alloy prototypes. The tuowei model has more than 55 CNC processing equipment, most of which are brothers imported from Japan, and the accuracy can reach ±0. 05mm, this accuracy is not achieved by many prototype factories.

these two aluminum alloy prototypes are relatively difficult to process, not only are there many holes, more gears and more grooves, but it is extremely inconvenient to process them. It also needs to be flipped to the side for processing. Before customers find the extension model, many suppliers they can't find can't be processed. Some prototype factories boast to customers that they can do it, but they are not satisfactory when they do it. With the high-precision CNC machining and skilled prototyping technology, the model has finally made a prototype of customer satisfaction.

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