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High precision prototype model Company-Continuously introduce new equipment

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-03- 20 08:11

nowadays, with the development of the times, the requirements for the production of prototype models have been relatively improved, so the customer's accuracy standards are also higher. Therefore, most high-precision prototype companies will introduce new equipment to meet the general needs of customers. The extension model is such a high-precision prototype model company that is always considered by customers. It is equipped with a new five-axis machining equipment to complete the accuracy requirements of customers more quickly. Compared with the three-axis machine, it is a leap in quality, and there will be changes in price as these costs increase.

Everyone wants to have a regular high-precision prototype model company, which is more expensive than those small workshops. However, compared with the gap in the quality of the work at a glance, the difference appears in the equipment. There is also the professional level of the manual master, like the small factory is mostly used by apprentices. No experience details have been found, and the fine grinding effect of the old masters is better.

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