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Home appliance prototype factory-Machined precision samples

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-12- 11 16: 08

Miss Li's company is a company in Shenzhen that makes household appliances. They have a lot of prototype products, so they search'Home appliance prototype factory' The extension model was found, because the first quotation of the extension model was higher than that of other suppliers, because the market price of the home appliance prototype was very transparent, so the customer did not choose the extension model.

thought that this was the way things passed, then for more than one or two months, contact the customer who has been talking about the price problem. Just when the customer has a complicated process, the sample of the internal structural accessories needs to be prototype, listening to their purchase, they said that the size of the prototype they made before was not very good. They asked for an inquiry on the extension model, so the home appliance prototype factory seized the opportunity to show him the products made two years ago, the appearance is very beautiful. After UV, there is no dust point. The customer also made a request. After the two sides reached an agreement, the project of the extension model was sold.

customers also brought some quality and engineering to home appliances before cooperation prototype factory- After visiting the tuowei model, the customer was very relieved to say that cooperation should be strengthened in the future. In the process of production, the extension model took pictures of each link to the customer. The customer said that the extension model was followed up very well, and she was very relieved, at the time of shipment, the three-dimensional inspection report was also attached to it. The customer was very recognized after receiving the product, so he served the customer well and also introduced the customer!

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