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how 3d printing is disrupting the building materials industry

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
At a meeting of shareholders on Wednesday, Hewlett
Meg Whitman, president and CEO of Packard, told her company something analysts and investors have long wanted to hear: \"We are very interested in 3D printing cases.
\"For the 3D printing Bulls, this and her subsequent suggestion that HP will release a large 3D printing announcement by June may be the highlight of the shareholders\' meeting.
But for those who are bullish on 3D printing companies like ExOne, 3D Systems, and Stratasys in Thursday trading, HP\'s quest for a development and unproven technology seems to be a mistake
It is commendable that HP has little rush to enter the 3D printing market.
On 2010, HP reached an agreement with HP --
The brand Stratasys 3D printer, but the deal was disbanded in 2012.
Recently, HP provided inkjet printing to 3D printing company Z Corp. , which is now owned by 3D Systems.
At yesterday\'s general meeting, even Whitman admitted that 3D printing, as an industry, still needs to improve some areas before entering the mainstream.
\"Have you seen the 3D printer print?
She asked in response to questions from shareholders about the issue.
\"It\'s like watching the ice melt.
She also pointed out that the quality of 3D
The printed object is not as good as it should be ---
However, Whitman believes that HP has solved these two problems, so it plans to issue a \"major technical announcement\" on June \".
Although Whitman did not elaborate on what the announcement would include, she did say that any service provided by HP would \"focus on the business side\" until we entered the consumer side \".
We believe that the bigger market will be in the Enterprise Area, \"helping companies make parts and test prototypes, rather than helping ordinary people to print good kisses at home.
RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani believes Whitman\'s comments are a potential boon for companies such as 3D Systems and Stratasys.
\"We believe HP\'s passion for 3D printing space and more involvement will provide basic support for 3D Systems and Stratasys as it verifies the feasibility of 3D printing technology, and added $10 trillion in global manufacturing, he wrote in a study on Thursday.
\"In addition, we think it provides HP with an attractive and exciting growth carrier to achieve high
Ultimately, it could boost marginal revenue growth at HP\'s valuation.
While edaryanani believes HP\'s foray into 3D printing will verify the appeal of \"high end\"
Growth industry-
HP\'s participation will not increase competition among 3D printing vendors, but will open up the market ---
What\'s worse recentlythan-
The expected earnings report from 3D company ExOne provides evidence for the 3D printing industry.
Just as Whitman announced that HP was \"processing\" 3D printing, ExOne announced a $3 operating loss in the fourth quarter.
1 million and a complete-
Annual operating loss of $6.
5 million, resulting in each
Shares fell 22 cents in the fourth quarter--
Take an amazing 23-missed the Street consensuscent margin --
51 cents a year.
ExOne said its profits and profit margins were affected by \"falling sales, increased sales mix and cost base.
ExOne chairman and ceo said in comments on his company\'s performance.
Kent Rockwell noted that \"we cannot accurately predict the time of customer behavior, and we believe that 3D printing technology is being used in industrial manufacturing applications and is gaining momentum in our global market.
\"Due to this disappointing earnings result, ExOne\'s stock fell about 9% in regular trading on Thursday, shares of the 3D system and Stratasys were also hit by the doom of ExOne: The 3D system fell by 2.
6% and Stratasys fell 0. 9%. longer-
All of these names provide additional reasons for concern: After the 150%, 128% and 65% growth was released in 2013 (
Is the 3D system of ExOne and Stratasys, respectively)
They have all fallen by 33%, 30%, 13% and 2014.
At the same time, HP is making good progress without any 3D printing business: After receiving a 86% return in 2013, it beat the broader market in 2014 and gained 14%
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