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How the price of the prototype is calculated

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2017-09- 01 18: 27

customers like this are often encountered. When they come to our website, they ask how much it takes to make a XX prototype. I believe that in the face of such a situation, there is no way to quote a powerful business. Usually, we need to know the specific size of the prototype made by the customer, and then we need to look at your 3d drawings, after knowing the relevant data, we will also calculate the price of the prototype by referring to other factors.

If you are doing a cnc prototype, we will consider these factors: 1. If you need to be very precise (For example, the accuracy reaches 0. 01mm) , Whether processing equipment or technical master, the requirements are relatively high, so the cost will be higher; 2. The size and complexity of the prototype you made. These two factors are directly proportional to the price of the prototype. The larger the size, the higher the complexity, and the higher the price; 3. The prototype surface treatment process you need (Such as polishing, fuel injection, silk screen printing, electroplating, etc) The more processes are used, the higher the price is naturally.

if what you need to do is a 3d print prototype, we will calculate the weight of the raw materials required for your prototype according to your 3d drawings (Unit is g) Then multiply the price of each gram of raw materials. In general, the price of raw materials is five or six yuan per gram. Due to the 3d printer imported by Israel adopted by the company, the raw materials used are also Superior, and the price will be slightly more expensive.

if your the prototype needs a vacuum complex, then the price of the prototype is another calculation method. Since the vacuum compound mold needs to be made with CNC or SLA in advance, then a silicone mold is made with the prototype, and then copied through the silicone mold. Therefore, when calculating the price of the compound mold prototype, we need to estimate the price of the prototype, the price of the silicone mold and the price of each compound mold prototype, and then calculate the sum of the three prices, get the exact price.

The above details introduce the price calculation method of CNC prototype, 3d printing prototype and compound mold prototype, hope to help you.

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