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How to choose a good prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2017-09- 06 16: 40

customized prototypes are different from general standard parts, although they may use the same material and style, but the customized prototype often adds special elements or its own things to the surface, and its meaning to the customer is extraordinary. So, many people like to go to the prototype factory to customize the prototype. There are many prototype factories in China, especially in Shenzhen. It is estimated that there are thousands of prototype factories. Among many prototype factories, how to choose the right prototype manufacturers?

Xiaobian feels that the main choice of prototype customization manufacturers is determined by their own positioning, including your own custom prototype budget, the size of the prototype, and the surface treatment process. Each prototype customization manufacturer has its own style and has its own strengths. When you choose a prototype customization manufacturer, you should first look at the size of the manufacturer, the experience of prototyping and the number of personnel, these all determine the delivery and quality of the prototype.

there is another important link in selecting a prototype customization manufacturer, that is, communicating with the prototype manufacturer or prototype designer, because when the customer customizes the prototype, there are often their own surface treatment needs. If there is no clear communication in some places, it will cause rework in the future, which will cause a great deal of waste of time and cost, on the other hand, it is to negotiate the material, cost, time and so on of the customized prototype. These all need to communicate with the prototype manufacturer to let the manufacturer know your needs, so that you can make the prototype you want within the specified time.

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