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How to choose the right way to make a prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-02- 12 17: 13

The main purpose of prototyping is to verify the structure of the new product ( Including whether it is reasonable to check the appearance, assembly difficulty, structure, etc. of this product)As well as exhibitors. In general, there are various ways of prototyping, and the prototype factory will choose the appropriate processing method according to the customer's product needs.

It is also important for material selection when making a prototype, plastic or some metal materials can be processed. If CNC machining is used, the accuracy is relatively high, but if the volume is relatively small and the structure is more complicated, it is recommended to use some 3d printing methods. Small Batch production may be a template for some silicone replication, so the main advantage of the silicone mold is that the time will be faster and the cost will be lower.

flexible application of the prototype processing method can achieve the effect of complementary advantages, the superiority that can be reflected will be more. The professional prototype factory can do a good job of controlling this point. The extension model is such a manufacturer with a variety of prototype processing methods, and can also provide you with appropriate suggestions, help you develop new products faster.

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