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How to make a prototype model of silicone

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2014-09- 29 09: 51

prototype model of silicone remote control

The production of CNC prototype model truly reflects the designer's design concept, show the appearance and structure design of the product, check the rationality of the structure and function, and the CNC model is treated on the surface: polishing, sandblasting, painting, silk screen, electroplating, anode, etc. , as a sample of the new product, perfect display of the designer's design concept. The production of CNC model has become an important part in the development of new products. Its importance is reflected in greatly shortening the R & D cycle of products and ensuring the time of new products; Make the design, communication and evaluation more image, and significantly improve the success rate of the new product listing; Reduce R & D costs, avoid the risk of mold repair and mold change after mold opening.

silicone mold is one of the ways to make a prototype model, its advantages mainly focus on the production time is fast, the cost is less, the probability of processing failure is small, and so on.

So what should we do? Don't worry, tuowei prototype model company warmly reminds you that you can develop the prototype model in kind by CNC machining, then we have a clear understanding and understanding of its structure and appearance. Then in the material selection, the more common ABS material is generally used. The strength of ABS material has been widely used in the prototype industry.

then there is a problem here, we need to understand its shape and structure before making the silicone mold, that is, we need to understand its prototype. Using silicone mold can make more than 20 pieces of the same product.

The material of the product can be: ABS, PP, MMA, POM, high temperature resistant material, soft glue, silicone rubber and so on.

especially the first board of CNC machining, the range of ABS utilization is about 90%. It can be disassembled and processed at will, and the strength after bonding will not be greatly affected. This is a big reason why ABS material is popular in the plastic prototype product processing industry.

common problems with silica gel prototypes:

1. in the process of mold opening, there are many bubbles in the mold silicone?

This situation should be treated according to the conditions, under the conditions of the vacuum pump, it is necessary to mix the silica gel with the curing agent before vacuuming. If there is no vacuum machine, the addition amount of curing agent can be appropriately reduced for treatment. For example, the ratio of the original silica gel to the curing agent is 4%, and can now be changed to 1%-2%. In this way, the silicone glue connection time of the previous mold will slow down, and the air in the mold will slowly discharge and reduce bubbles.

2. What about uneven curing after curing of silicone mold?

This phenomenon is caused by 1. The ratio of silica gel to curing agent is inaccurate and is not weighed as required; 2. After mixing with the curing agent, the silicone did not stir well. This situation will cause the scrapping of the mold, and we should try our best to avoid it.

3. What about the adhesive mold appearing on silica gel?

This occurs because of the previous model (Product model) There is no reasonable treatment, so the mold should be treated before the mold is opened. For example, the surface of the mold is thick and dry or the mold is very complicated. It must be carefully polished and cleaned. Then brush the mold release agent evenly. Common mold release agents include Vaseline, detergent, liquid paraffin, etc. In actual operation, different mold release agents can be painted according to the material of the mold. Second, the curing agent is poured into the mold without mixing evenly, and when it is removed, it is dry and dry.

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